Why Decentraland & Sandbox are NOT a Metaverse

Decentraland Sandbox Not Metaverse

Are we being told a lie ? Decentraland & Sandbox are NOT truly a Metaverse! 


Well in truth it’s not a lie but a matter of refining our definitions. 


The Metaverse is not a place or a platform. Decentraland & Sandbox are platforms. 


The Metaverse is a set of concepts & principles collected through literature over the last 40 years. One of these main principles is interoperability. 


Essentially for me to accept that the Metaverse has arrived, I should be able to walk through a door in Decentraland which takes me to The Sandbox. There would be a door for Somnium space, crypto voxels and every single Metaverse that is created in the coming years. 


That is when we can finally say the Metaverse is here. When interoperability is solved. 


We’re investing our time heavily into working with open stands for interoperability. It is not a monopoly that should be created but an open model for the Metaverse that allows equal access and resists censorship or control by bad actors. 


Pretty much we are aiming for an Internet of Metaverse. The true web 3.0.