The Metaverse is the new land of opportunity 

We’ve created a unique system that is perfect for startup initiatives. The process is an efficient and cost friendly 7 day sprint to create a minimal viable project for you and your brand in the Metaverse. 


We’ve done this many times and can customize a great looking building that is white labeled for your brand. It’s a perfect strategy for small estates and parcels. 


This includes full utility for NFT displays, Ecommerce functionality, Video streaming and anything you can imagine. 


The most important thing however is to narrow down the deliverables to the core features you need in the short time available. 


After the MVP is built we’ll help you to deploy it on your land and you can get to work marketing and promoting your property as THE place in the Metaverse for your audience to interact with your brand. 


You’ll also have a working example that can be used to raise funds from sponsors or investors to take the development further. We’ll be happy to help you here and work together to continue developing deeper and more meaningful Metaverse Experiences. 


Our goals with an MVP are to create new income streams whilst moving quickly and being first to market.