Metaverse Hackathon announces Metaverse Architects as Their Latest Judge and Sponsor

next top metaverse build
Next Top Metaverse Build

LONDON, January 11, 2021 – The ‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ competition, a first of its kind buildathon developed between Renovi, GDA Capital, Decentraland, and the Metaverse Group, is pleased to announce Metaverse Architects as its latest partner.

Metaverse Architects is the world’s first virtual architecture firm, bringing traditional architecture, design and 3D modeling expertise into the burgeoning metaverse sector. The firm has already worked with who recently made headlines for acquiring a plot of land in the Decentraland metaverse for 2.4 million.

Virtual architecture, design, and 3D development for the metaverse are about to receive a major innovation boost thanks to the ‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ competition.

As part of the partnership, Metaverse Architects will support the judging process of the competition as well as mentor and provide educational seminars to contestants.







  • Review the tracks and requirements.
  • Start working on your submission.
  • Make use of the resources.
  • Check-in with mentors.


  • Take part in the weekly workshops & webinars (schedule TBA)
  • Don’t forget to ask questions!


  • Meet the submission requirements adn deadline set out on the official guidelines.
  • Make sure to opt-in to the tracks you want to be considered for!


  • The winning teams will be announced in each track.
  • Prizes & opportunities will be organized shortly after.
  • Check out the event’s gallery to see what other people worked on.


After the competition, select winning teams may be given the opportunity to partake in a virtual pitch day hosted by the TDeFi Crypto Accelerator. Some tracks offer the winning team’s acceptance and/or opportunities to apply for their grant programs. What you decide to do with your idea is up to you – but we highly encourage you to keep building!
Competition Timeline
‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ is a first-of-its-kind ‘buildathon’ in which architects, designers, and developers compete in creating a wide range of items for the metaverse. These include buildings, NFT galleries, museums, casinos, festival grounds, in-game assets, and more – all of which are optimized for the metaverse.  The competition is aimed at university students and the growing number of metaverse design and development professionals who want to take the metaverse to the next level.  There are also plenty of prizes to be won, such as software subscriptions, parcels of land in Decentraland (some of which have sold for millions of dollars, with the current floor price at roughly $13,000), and up to $50,000 in Renovi (RNVI) tokens. The competition is the brainchild of GDA Capital, a blue-chip advisor for disruptive blockchain companies, and Renovi, the go-to platform for infrastructure-related metaverse design and development. 

Co-Founder of Metaverse Architects  Luca Arrigo comments on their inclusion in the event with “Our team specializes in helping entrepreneurs and companies that lack the in-house skills to bring metaverse projects to life. This competition puts our organization at the forefront of the next wave of eager young design professionals. We are thrilled to join GDA Capital, Renovi, and of course, Decentraland in building this event because it ensures Metaverse Architects will have a seat at the table and play a principal role in building out the Metaverse for years to come.”

Andy Charalambous, the Co-Founder of Renovi: “Partnering with Metaverse Architects means that students and design professionals participating in the Next Top Metaverse Build will gain mentorship and have their work judged by the brightest minds and best designers in the metaverse. Their inclusion in this contest is a huge achievement for us and no one will benefit more from this than the students and professionals eager to learn more about, and participate in the Metaverse”.

Entries for the ‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ competition will be accepted between January 30 and March 31. Additional details can be found on the event website. Please reach out to the Renovi team for more information, tutorials about NFTs, or the metaverse at

Metaverse Architects


About Metaverse Architects

Metaverse Architects (previously Decentraland Architects) combines the real world mantra behind beautiful architecture with user

experience, game design and novel digital business models. The Metaverse Architect team consists of blockchain developers, 3D modelers & Game developers. It is one of the first design groups focused on building out the metaverse and creating an attractive digital environment where users can spend their time & cryptocurrency.



Launched in 2021, Renovi is the first NFT marketplace created for architects, 3D designers and developers. NFTs within Renovi can be used for artistic and collection purposes, with actual items also being made available to the metaverse. The secure platform has been developed by a team of senior leaders within the design, property, tech, finance and legal professions.

GDA Capital

About GDA Capital 


GDA Capital invests in disruptive technologies and provides vertically-integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and companies. The firm helps innovative blockchain companies scale globally via advisory services, go-to-market strategies, partnership, PR services, community and tokenomics development, and more.


The GDA Capital team has extensive experience in taking new technologies to market and has a broad network of global partners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs who have worked with some of the largest and most disruptive blockchain projects in the world across multiple sectors, markets, and verticals. Learn more by visiting



Originality & creativity

  • What separates this submission from the others
  • Is this just the status quo or is it truly disrupting and innovating what architecture and design in the metaverse will look like

Design principles and technical specifications

  • Does the design follow physics and design best practices?


  • Is this virtual build something that the metaverse community can all use?