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Imagine going to a digital ATM in the metaverse and buying crypto! Now Possible!
The Transak ATM

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The Transak ATM is the world’s first, fiat to crypto on-ramp designed to work interoperably in Decentraland. The ATM is designed for users to easily purchase $MANA or any other cryptocurrency.

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Deploy Transak ATM & Earn

Are you a virtual land owner in Decentraland? Then you can deploy Transak ATM and start earning on every transaction ..

1. Fill the form
1. Fill the form
Complete the Sign Up form to commence discussions with Transak.
2. Discuss with Transak
2. Discuss with Transak
You commence referring to us either via the referral link or directly to POC.
3. Deploy Transak ATM
3. Deploy Transak ATM
Once the referred user or business signs up with us and commence transacting, you start earing.

The World's Best Crypto Companies Trust Transak

Transak onboards users from fiat <> crypto in over 100 apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do landowners add an ATM to their property?

Landowners can add the ATM to their property by reaching out to us, requests are serviced by our partner team of Decentraland experts, to who you can reach out by filling this form

2. Are there any fees associated with the ATM?

The standard transak fees are applied to the ATM which can be shared with landowners through a unique API, however as always transak remains a competitive and efficient fiat to crypto on-ramp.

3. Can I buy wearables or land with funds deposited through the ATM?

The ATM experience has been designed to reduce the number of clicks and time for a new user in Decentraland to load up their metamask wallet with the funds necessary to make a purchase on the decentraland marketplace with Mana.

4. What’s the point of having an ATM in decentraland?

The decentraland ecosystem is a bit like visiting a new country with a different currency. If you are coming from the web2 world and would like to make your first purchase in Decentraland it requires a tedious amount of research about how to convert your fiat into Ethereum and then into Mana. We offer a direct route to go from credit cards to Mana in seconds.

5. Will you be opening ATMs in additional metaverse worlds?

We’ve picked Decentraland as the first point of entry to the metaverse due to it’s open standards and decentralised nature. This allowed us to innovate and create the first metaverse ATM in a web3 virtual world. We hope to see more opportunities and will be looking forward to porting this tools interoperably around all metaverse worlds.

6. How does a Metaverse ATM work ?

A metaverse ATM is essentially a user interface that allows players to walk up inside a game and convert their fiat money into the cryptocurrency that is the local currency used to transact in that metaverse space.

7. What is a crypto to fiat onramp?

On-ramp refers to an exchange or another type of service where you have the ability to offer fiat money in exchange for cryptocurrency. An on-ramp essentially allows you to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies.

8. Can I use the ATM whilst in game?

The ATM is designed to work for a user in-game so that whilst browsing a store or visiting a concert if a user would like to top up their MANA to make a purchase they have quick access to crypto to fiat onramp that is safe and secure.