Metaverse Architects

3D Modelling & Game Development

Metaverse Architects is a 3D Modelling & Game Development studio. 

We are a company dedicated to building immersive and interactive virtual worlds, or metaverses. Our team of talented architects and developers specialize in creating engaging and innovative experiences for a variety of industries and purposes.



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Rise To The Top

Why Build On The Metaverse?

The metaverse was first conceived in sci-fi books like ‘SnowCrash’ and became tangible with experiments like ‘Second Life’. Today games like Roblox have proved the model is ripe for business. Blockchain metaverse projects are creating a new paradigm to real estate ownership.
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Count On Us

We're Here To Bring Your Idea To Life

With technology quickly advancing, new business models are developing on the metaverse. We specialize in developing property on the metaverse that is designed to give a return on your investment.
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Try, Try Again

Talented Architects For The Metaverse

Our team of game developers, architects and digital entrepreneurs are well positioned to build your business on the metaverse. Hailing from Malta, we’ve got the experience and regulatory know-how to develop exciting experiences, virtual HQs & Events.

Why should you work with us?

Pioneering the development of novel code and IP to create never before seen experiences in the Metaverse.

Clients range from world wide fashion brands to hundred billion dollar businesses.

Worked with financial institutions like UBS bank, Lazard bank and Sygum bank.

3D &
Game Design
3D & Game Design
We develop your vision for a decentraland real estate project. Our mission is to develop your plot into an attractive place for users to spend time and mana.
Custom 3D
Custom 3D Architecture
Come to us with your innovative vision and we’ll get to work developing a professional and lucrative virtual real estate investment.
Architects of the Metaverse
Digital twins
Cutting-edge digital twin solutions, offering real-time simulations to optimize your operations. Harness the power of virtual replication to predict, visualize, and streamline your real-world processes..
Metaverse ATM
Metaverse ATM
We designed and developed the world's first Metaverse ATM in partnership with Transak.
Metaverse Advertising
Metaverse Advertising
We offer Metaverse billboards through our web3 advertising platform.
Consulting & Advisory
Consulting & Advisory
Assistance with your land rental and consultancy for where and how to purchase or create world's and metaverse spaces.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Some of our most esteemed clients have entrusted us with building revolutionary ideas in the metaverse

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Metaverse Architects are the category leader for the sector. We’ve taken a leading role in defining the Metaverse Architect industry.

Our work has featured globally and you might have spotted our builds on.




Profile Picture Of Sean Ellul ( Co-Founder at Metaverse Architects )

Michael Cutajar

Head of Sales

Profile Picture Of Michael Cutaja -( Head Of Sales at Metaverse Architects )

Zak Micallef

Lead Developer

Zak Micallef

Kay Dimech

Executive Assistant

kay dimech

Rebecca Zammit

Creative Lead

Profile Picture Of Rebecca Zammit - Creative Lead

Aaron Zarb

Architect & Junior Developer

Profile Picture Of Aaron Zarb - 3D Architect and Developer

Maggie Hills

Head of Partnerships

maggie hills

Drew Deguara

3D Architect


Dev Ops

Dev Ops

Andre Causon

3D Architect


3D Architect






3D Architect


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