How we started an advisory & architecture company for the metaverse 

Since we started as consultants for the Metaverse, people often wonder what we do.

I’m very thankful to have had this opportunity to lead a company of experienced 3D Modelers and talented programmers to the forefront of the Metaverse market. Our team, whcih is based in Malta & the USA, has industry-leading experience building in the Metaverse, with past skill-sets ranges from building on CGI models for Hollywood movies, to building in second life to now pioneering blockchain virtual spaces. 

We also act as advisors to up & coming Metaverse projects and would be happy to share our predictions for the coming months. 

Most newcomers to the space find it very interesting, so I thought I’d share the secret on how to become successful in this industry.

You’ve got to take time to learn the jargon. That means diving deep into whitepapers and SDKs, talking with community members, and experimenting in your free time. 

In the past year we’ve built for some of the world’s most innovative brands, such as a publicly traded company known as

We’re also proud to hold the record for the tallest tower in Decentraland done for and have experience creating exclusive and immersive event experiences such as the Rare.Store event in collaboration with 

So that’s an example of the work we do.