EggHeadz: Discover the Artistry of Hand-Crafted NFTs

EggHeadz presents an extraordinary collection of 6,000 hand-crafted NFTs, meticulously sculpted by renowned character artist Alin Bolcas, the talent behind Sonic the Hedgehog in the box office movies. Each NFT is a unique piece of art, with 5,990 programmatically generated EggHeadz of varying rarity, complemented by 10 legendary EggHeadz that stand apart as one-of-a-kind creations.

Join the Exclusive Community

By participating in EggHeadz, you become part of an exclusive community led by renowned CGI artist Alin 'Sonic' Bolcas. This community offers unique benefits, including the chance to mint one of the rare 'Ten of Ten' original 'Eggheadz Legendz' NFTs. As a member, you also gain VIP access to the Eggheadz Metaverse HQ and a private Rooftop Club, enhancing your immersion in this vibrant digital world.

Augmented Reality and Whitelist Competition

Among the exceptional offerings, EggHeadz introduces legendary NFTs available in Augmented Reality, providing an immersive experience like no other. Additionally, a whitelist competition presents an opportunity to win one of the legendary EggHeadz. Participate to unlock exclusive access to this exceptional rarity.

Limited Edition Artist-Signed Sketches

EggHeadz offers a chance to win one of fifty framed, limited edition artist-signed sketches. Hidden within the collection are ten super rare Dragon Tattoo traits. Discovering and minting an EggHeadz with this trait qualifies you to receive an exquisite sketch as a special reward, adding a touch of tangible artistry to your collection.

Key Takeaways:

  • EggHeadz is a collection of 6,000 hand-crafted NFTs sculpted by renowned artist Alin Bolcas.
  • The collection includes programmatically generated EggHeadz of varying rarity and 10 legendary one-of-one NFTs.
  • Join the exclusive community led by Alin Bolcas and have a chance to mint rare ‘Ten of Ten’ original ‘Eggheadz Legendz’ NFTs.
  • Enjoy VIP access to the Eggheadz Metaverse HQ and private Rooftop Club through Discord membership.
  • Participate in the whitelist competition and experience EggHeadz in Augmented Reality.
  • Discover hidden Dragon Tattoo traits to win limited edition artist-signed sketches, adding a physical art element to your collection.