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Metaverse Advisory

Metaverse Advisory is a consulting and development firm for the Metaverse. We educate and train organizations on the platforms, services and business models that companies can utilize to increase their engagement with the web3 ecosystem. 

Business Opportunities for Asset Management and Advisory in the Metaverse. 

We help companies spot immediate opportunities in the web3 world using a lateral thinking approach and adoption of innovation theory. 

The Metaverse is built on the shoulders of bitcoin, a decentralized currency that has sent cultural waves across the world over the last decade and has in the last 2 years since the pandemic and NFTs been accelerated into a multibillion dollar industry that is expected to balloon to 10 trillion by 2030.

DAO Advisory

The number 1 principle of the web3 ecosystem is to ‘give first’. For that reason Metaverse Advisory believes in working on applying our knowledge of global macro and micro policy as a service for DAOs. 

This could also come along with DAO capital advisory which is a pain point for many DAOs who struggle to diversify their portfolios. 

Sovereign Services for web3 founders

Many of the founders, developers and builders in web3 are fond of the sovereign individual demographic and consider themselves global citizens or digital nomads. The rules for cryptocurrency and the banking hurdles can be tough to face for many of these individuals. Metaverse Advisory offers their well established routes to assist these individuals with relocation and taxes. 

Metaverse Advisory

DAO Asset Management

With changing times, new paradigms have appeared and blockchain technology is powering the governance of organizations whose treasuries hold billions of dollars in digital assets such as ethereum, NFTs and USD stable coins. 


These organizations are referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and whilst they may be described as autonomous, they still require human participation, executive teams, global branches and chapters run by real people who are a part of the community. These individuals may hold voting power within the DAO, which allows them to impact decision making, with the decision-making weight usually being determined by the value of their portfolio of digital assets. This leaves room for bad actors to act maliciously in a system whose rules are determined in the lines of code that power the governance. 


The ESG & SRI principles are valuable, tried and tested voting guidelines which can shape the Web3 space into a more community-centric, transparent and overall safer environment. 


Building Chinese Walls in Web3 companies & DAO Governance structures in one key way that we wish to begin exerting influence on the entire sector, to ensure environmental and social practices are being proactively implemented in the space.