How DAOs can change the way we deal with the Climate Crisis

Climate Change DAOs, are a new way of organizing decision-making that has the potential to help us address the climate crisis in a more efficient and effective way. DAOs are decentralized, meaning they are not controlled by any one person or group of people. They are autonomous, meaning they are self-governing. And they are organizations,… Continue reading How DAOs can change the way we deal with the Climate Crisis

Smart Tourism: A Metaverse Perspective

ABSTRACT The primary aim of this report is to provide a preliminary overview of the benefits of an immersive leisure experience within a virtual environment whilst also highlighting the possibilities of extending this domain to the hospitality sector. The adoption of smart-tourism is expected to promote a significant increase in the revenue growth and development… Continue reading Smart Tourism: A Metaverse Perspective

DAO Advisory & Asset Management

Metaverse Advisory Metaverse Advisory is a consulting and development firm for the Metaverse. We educate and train organizations on the platforms, services and business models that companies can utilize to increase their engagement with the web3 ecosystem.  Business Opportunities for Asset Management and Advisory in the Metaverse.  We help companies spot immediate opportunities in the… Continue reading DAO Advisory & Asset Management

Is the Metaverse Fun?

Is the metaverse fun? This depends on your definition of fun and what exactly you do in the metaverse, but many do find it fun. Something about entering a virtual world with new people to meet, novel activities to engage in and fresh experiences to have creates opportunities for human connection, said Luca Arrigo, co-founder of Metaverse… Continue reading Is the Metaverse Fun?

Everything you need to know about the Otherside Metaverse

INTRODUCTION WHAT IS THIS LITEPAPER? This document is the litepaper for the world-building metaverse platform known as Otherside. It is designed to communicate and explain principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation. Consider this litepaper a stepping stone. It will eventually be replaced by a Codex that will continually… Continue reading Everything you need to know about the Otherside Metaverse

ANDREAS WIL GERDES speaks on the future of the Metaverse Today we’ve got here with us Andreas who’s got a long history of starting up incredible companies as well as a truly modern philosophy of how he believes in the future of remote work.   So Andreas one thing that you know is bad things going wrong things going right but I mean very… Continue reading ANDREAS WIL GERDES speaks on the future of the Metaverse

The Metaverse: Defining the Concept Using Grounded Theory

The Metaverse is one of the most popular topics of conversation today. While the concept has existed in science fiction literature and comic books for decades, Facebook’s rebranding last November has further fueled public interest.However, the Metaverse was a widely researched concept before that as well. There have been multiple definitions of the Metaverse, with… Continue reading The Metaverse: Defining the Concept Using Grounded Theory

Democratizing land ownership in the Decentraland Metaverse

No matter the industry there will always be people with capital who are speculators. My company was founded on the principle that land investors require assistance to develop and bring value to the land they own.  over 1 year ago the metaverse platforms of today where an even bigger ghost town.  The largest events of… Continue reading Democratizing land ownership in the Decentraland Metaverse

Explore the Metaverse

Technology has been expanding and changing at a fast rate. We see hitherto inconceivable advances. For many, one of these advances is the Metaverse, a unique, immersive virtual world that is rapidly dominating the virtual realm.  Well, it may have initially appeared in science fiction films such as Ready Player One or The Matrix, but… Continue reading Explore the Metaverse

Decentraland Linked Wearables

Linked Wearables In accordance with the initial DAO proposal for Linked Wearables (previously called: Third Party Wearables) and the last approved Draft Proposal with final definitions, this document will serve as documentation to cover all the relevant details around the Linked Wearables feature.   This document is mostly oriented for representatives of Third Parties that want to give… Continue reading Decentraland Linked Wearables